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Michigan USA based reformed 60's rockers..

Wigan's premier music store..

The Liverpool Rock & Roll Society morph into The Birkdale Beat.

Formerly Liverpool Rock 'n Roll Society - Now based in Southport


Tony Bolland - Musician and published author.

Wigan’s No 1 music store for over 20 years.
One of the best musical instrument and equipment
stores in the northwest.

Tuition also available in a friendly atmosphere.
01942 323265
Jane Quinn & Tim Quinn
Mighty Quinn Management & Promotions
01704 – 512 741

Bill Harry - founder of the Mersey Beat music magazine has a million

stories to tell and merchandise for sale.

Photographer Gerard Fleming's early 21st century pictures of Liverpool life.

What the north of England can do - we can do too..

Is this the 21st century Cavern Club of the Southern shires?

Dave Ferguson was once a 1960's Merseysider in a band called The Bumblies -

and still is.. Now he runs Liverpool Beat telling the truth about that wonderful

but myth-ridden era of Mersey Sound.

The finest and definitive collection of Manchester

sixties bands, venues, people and places.

We all know Birmingham rocked in the 1960's too.. and on here they let you know it!


60's Pacific North-West USA Bands

Ever wondered how wannabe teenage American pop musician's responded

to the so-called British Invasion and takeover of US rock 'n roll in the mid-sixties;

even though they invented it?


Derby 60's Bands

Derby was as cool as the the rest of them when it came to 1960's rock 'n roll.


One great Beatles site..

Middleton- a tiny suburb of Manchester with very

little in the way of 1960's rock 'n roll?

Think again Buster!

A fresh new approach and a great slant on the Fab Four.

The home of the music, memories and magic of the most fun and

exciting decade in UK history!

The cafe at the road-side with the rock-side.

Bikers, hot-rods, live music and everything under the bun.

Keyboard player with a couple of local Wigan-Lankyland bands - then whhooosh!

Mott The Hoople and Dexy's Midnight Runners..

A Manchester musician of many talents..

and his new band: Phil Platt's 'Tin Of Snakes'

Readers Forums and Lankybands aplenty
Alastair Duncan & John Forster's Cumbrian Bands of the 60's
A site is dedicated to those mid to late 1960s bands and groups that
became known as the second generation Merseyside groups.
Small but beautiful:
Warrington Beat in the sixties by Brian Palfreman.


Obscure Bands Of The 50's & 60's

A blog featuring a small number of UK bands.

Pete Shelton's book: Rock 'n Roll Fever - Blackpool In The 60's

The Friends of Real Lancashire

Everything Lancastian.

Six-piece rock and blues band featuring ex-pro muso's.

Crowd pleasers.

The bargain drum shop.



The Beat Music Magazine

Kim Karma's story of the blues..

Preserving Britain’s lost musical heritage

"The sixties saw an unprecedented revolution in popular music, but for every hit, a hundred remained unreleased. For half a century, they have gathered dust on the shelves of studios and in performers attics. The BMA is unique in bringing these neglected recordings into the public domain. It is an indispensable service, invaluable to both performers of the past and audiences of the present and future." Barry Fantoni

Geoff Lingard, born in Burnley, Lancashire UK on 23 October 1949, educated
Burnley Grammar School and rock 'n roller is still writing and recording..

The Puppets - Preston. Full story here..



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